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Aug 18 2017
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Everything you need to design and build a car then win your Pinewood Derby race. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Car Designs

Pre-Cut Cars

  Adding Weights to our Pre-Cut Cars

  • Wedge - Lead, steel and tungsten weights can be added to the Wedge.
  • Racer - Adding weights to the Racer is similar to the Wedge.
  • Comet - Two suggestions for adding weights to the Comet.
  • Python - Weight options for the Python are similar to the Racer.
  • Banshee - Weight options for the Banshee.
  • Sport Coupe - Three weight options for the Sport Coupe.
  • Funnycar - Weight options for the Funnycar.
  • Panther - Weight options for the Panther.
  • Stingray - Weight options for the Stingray.
  • Stock Car - Weight options for the Stock Car.
  • Street Car - Weight options for the Street Car.

  Pre-Painted Cars

  Completed Cars

  Pinewood Derby Tools


  LEGO Pinewood Derby Cars


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